What I Found Out About The Word “Lord”, You’ll Be Amazed

Lord, the word we often use to address or when call on Jesus in our prayers. In Cebuano, the translation is “Ginoo” and in Tagalog “Panginoon”.

However, we use it so casually I begin to wonder what the word Lord really means. The bible does give us a clear idea: master, authority, superior. Those are translations from the Old and New Testaments, “Adonai” is Hebrew for Lord and “Kurios” the Greek equivalent.

Adonai is from the root word adon meaning owner. Kurios as well refers to ownership. That blew me away! But let’s not stop there.

As children of God, living in these modern times, we cannot quite grasp the idea of lordship. There’s a reason why the owner of the apartment we’re living in is called landlord. Yup, because he is the owner.

The idea of lordship, is that you are subjected to the rules of the lord or owner. Whatever he owns, he has control over it and not you, or in my case, me as the one renting his apartment. I cannot just make changes or modifications to his property and I am expected to follow his rules in the tenure of my stay.

Our Lord owns everything and it includes our body, which we are expected to offer to God as living sacrifices. So everytime, we utter the word Lord, it means we’re submitting everything to Him.

But here’s the pitfall. Like earlier said, it is used so casually, we forget the essence.

The English word “Lord” even has a deeper meaning, because if you look at the history of its use, it originally meant “bread keeper”. I love that! Because bread keepers in the old days are responsible for providing food for their people.

Amazing! Our Lord does not only own everything, He also is providing for us. Remember the Lord’s prayer “… give us this day our daily bread”, bread which refers to both our spiritual and physical needs.

Now, take a step back and look at the big picture, Jesus our Lord is the owner and provider. Not surprising eh, I am sure you’ve heard that before, but that’s the reason why need to know the real meaning of the word lord, so we don’t misuse it or just casually use it.

Remember, Jesus reminds us about the misuse. Because to be honest, the word lord has worldly connotations. The Hebrews use the word lord in two ways:

1.) Adoni – a royal total to men, people who own properties, like apartments, lots, office buildings, like how you’d address people like Sir or Mister.
2.) ADONAI – used as prefix or divine title to the many references to God like (Adonai-jireh) – “The LORD Will Provide”

That is why Jesus is straightforward in saying “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter God’s kingdom.” Why?

Because “only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.” Matt 7:21-22

I am amazed by this revelation but at the same time I am being reminded of God to dwell in the Lordship of Jesus. 2 things He asks of us.

1.) To seek Him and make God a priority.

2.) And do what Jesus commands us to do.

Father in Heaven, I bless You. Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who died on the cross and redeemed my spirit. I bend my knees and heart, acknowledging my stubbornness and independence from your Lordship. Break my heart and mind and let your Holy Spirit take charge. Here I am use me, for your glory. Amen.

God’s revelations are amazing and endless, so I trust that you join us or share with us your stories.

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