Does Christian “Adam Young” of Owl City Have Ungodly Lyrics In New Album?

Everyone knows Adam Young is a Christian, but as an artist in a one man band called Owl City, every grown up knows his songs are not necessarily all Contemporary Christian Music.

He has a version of In Christ Alone in previous works and his recent single My Everything part of the new CD called “Mobile Orchestra” are clearly signs that Adam is inclined to making Holy Spirit-inspired songs.

But the whole album Mobile Orchestra is not all safe for teens and kids especially for parents who are keen in the kind of music they want their children to listen to, at least this is what a pop culture review site is implying.

Click to listen to Owl City’s new album Mobile Orchestra

The song Thunderstruck for instance according to the site has sexually suggestive lyrics like “I feel you glowing in the dark/When I collapse into your arms.”

And there is a reference to suicide in the lines “It’s so dark in my mind/I cross my heart and hope to die” in the song I Found Love.

Then the Hanson collaborated track “Unbelievable” mentioned a few more pop culture references that traditional Christian parents may find objectionable such as  R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, JurassicPark, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Home Alone and The Lion King.

To read this review you can Google Owl City – Mobile Review on PluggedIn.

While it is clear though that this album is not entirely a CCM or Contemporary Christian Music, teens and grown ups may find the project entertaining so the best course of action to take is to be discerning and keep a copy of the lyrics while listening to the tracks.

But considering things, Adam Young is also an artist who express thoughts or relay emotions through lyrical art and while he is known to be writing songs of his experience and past, he also could be writing songs about other people’s struggles and other realities of life.

Again, like every thing in this world, His word is our source of wisdom and our shield comes from the Lord.

Should you decide to give Owl City’s Mobile Orchestra a spin, you can check out a preview of the tracks at, iTunes on Apple devices or on