Why We Hate Work? Labor Day Note

Labor day.

The first employees on earth were Adam and Eve. They did get the memo, but naah, they just went their own way. And the result, they had to work.

Isn’t that mind blowing? God employed us to manage the earth, yet we were not WORKING.

Only then the BURDEN of work came when we disobeyed Him.

See, our Father provided us everything from food, shelter, nutrition back there in Eden, we don’t need to worry about a thing. But after the fall, man has to work by the sweat of his brows.

So think about it, before you start going to work, remember it is God who first employed us.

Stand by His word and you’re tenure is protected. Believe that He has your back, and no threat of retrenchment can shake you.

And best of all, if you stay under His MANAGEMENT, you’ll never have to dread work, ever.