Thomas Nelson Bibles For Christmas

The Thomas Nelson New King James Version maintains the poetry, beauty, and accuracy preferred by readers for more than 40 years and Thomas Nelson is here to provide you with the just the right Bible to fit your study needs.

This Christmas pick up one of our more than 50 different NKJV styles and we’re sure you’ll find a perfect Bible for everyone on your Christmas list.


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Christian Band ShatterRed is Giving You 2 Free Songs, Download Now

Alright guys, the Christian Rock/Pop band ShatterRed is pleased to announce they are giving fans 2 songs including a track with Dave Frey of Sidewalk Prophets and “Scarlet Rain” from their latest album.

Here’s what the guys from ShatterRed have to say:

Music from ShatterRed is guaranteed to never be two things: boring or “surface level.” Tunes are catchy, arrangements are creative, lyrics are powerful, and hearts are broken. Because in the end, that’s what it’s really about: witnessing God break hearts so that He can ultimately reform them into something purely beautiful. That is the Gospel, and this is the story, told with some of the most inventive clashes and fusions of sound that have ever pulsed through your set of headphones.

To start download, just visit the link below:

The band has also started a Kickstarter, visit the link here

Toby Mac’s Reunion with dcTalk

Six-time GRAMMY winner TobyMac will reunite with former bandmates of dcTalk on the new album This Is Not A Test.

THIS IS NOT A TEST finds the American Music Award winner collaborating with a diverse group of artists, including for the first time in a decade, his dcTalk bandmates Kevin Max and Michael Tait, and newer artist like Capital Kings, Ryan Stevenson and Hollyn. The song “Undeniable” adds the vocal stylings of young students from New Hope Academy. A long-time supporter of the non-profit school based in Franklin, Tenn., New Hope Academy brings together socio-economic status and races, and provides scholarships to low-income families for high-quality education. “Collaborating allows us to appreciate our differences and makes us more receptive to each other,” explains the artist and record label founder (Gotee). “ I’m honored to collaborate with my songwriters, produce with my co-producers and I am honored to take the stage with my band. There is a richness to what humans do when they come together and collaborate.” The track listing for the new album debuted last week with the help of his three million social media followers.

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Zoomin Radio Update, DTI Permit Secured

It’s the last Saturday of the year, it’s a weekend and most importantly it’s the holidays! But no, we’re not complaining.

Work doesn’t stop here, at least here at Zoomin Radio, where we’re still in the process of building the station up. So far the latest dev is that we get to have the streaming on and new songs are added to the playlist.

Our most important milestone this week is that we get to finally secure the business papers, with God’s grace despite that this is the Holiday season, our SM was able to run and squeeze it in.

The site is still in development though but you will notice that there is this bar at the bottom of the site with an audio player. It is showing at every page and post, so you can instantly play and listen to the Zoomin playlist.

Of course, an iOS and Android app is coming soon.

So what’s next? Next week and next year, we’ll be working on the important papers, licensing for the music and music of course.And more exciting things here at Zoomin!

Thankee! 2015 here we come.